Artists’ Gallery – Manzar

There are few places on earth that can compare with the beauty of pastoral lands. Stunning landscapes, robust livestock, and people, who combine a sense of elegance with mystery like no other, has moved many photographers and artists alike from India and abroad, to wander into the heart of pastoralists. They have made the hard journey and emerged with exceptional work. The Artists gallery is a space to showcase and celebrate their work.

Photo Essays

The varied colors of pastoralism have attracted artists from different walks of life. Even now, these people and lands inspire many to create outstanding pieces of artwork. The art and photo exhibit section will focus on a selection of the several pastoral regions in including Kutch.

Living Lightly hosts photo essays from the lands of Dhangars, the Gaddis, the Kutchi maldharis, and the Van Gujjars captured through the lenses of celebrated photographers such as Micheal Benanav, Christina Noble, and Kalyan Varma.

Genesis Stories

Genesis stories from pastoralists found expression in Tapas Upadhyay’s art works. The stories and art panels were inspired Amar Chitra Katha - India’s largest selling comic book series - to show interest in creating illustrated books on pastoralism.

The exhibit included three different stories- The genesis of Banni, a grassland that supports diverse wildlife as well is home to the famous Banni buffalo; The origins of Raikas and Rabaris, one of India’s largest pastoral communities; and the birth of a syncretic relationship between the muslim Fakirani Jat and hindu Rabaris of Kutch, special because this relationship remains as storng as ever, even in the face of increasing polarization among communities world over.

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