Background & why this exhibition

  • The exhibition will capture the lives of Indian pastoralists – their remarkable history of mobility, the eco-systems which nurture their life-world, their culture, science, art, spiritual moorings and the economics of herding. Even as the globe warms up and we all search for earnest shifts in lifestyles, and try to locate sustainable spaces within our own lives, it is perhaps time to educate ourselves on why pastoralists live lightly on this land, and how they contribute to our economy.
  • This exhibition will begin with its spotlight on the pastoralists of Kutch, Gujarat where livestock outnumber humans and 20% of the population still survive on pastoralism, even as it looks at pastoralism across India.
  • This exhibition will unfold a panorama of pastoral lives in Kutch through a fusion of film exhibits, music, arts, poetry, photographs, live performances, games, and handcrafted artefacts. Walking trails will transport ramblers to striking lands of pastoral worlds. Pastoralists from regions across the country will be in attendance to regale visitors with tales of their history, value systems, and culture. Aromas of pastoral foods will surface from food kitchens and waft around, drawing people into discussions with pastoralists over endless servings of chai, chaas, and cheese. A range of pastoral products curated from regions across India will be available in a store to be felt, selected, and carried home! The exhibition is to be accompanied by workshops, conferences, roundtables for the research-minded and the curious ones among us.

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