Living Lightly

  • An exhibition titled Living Lightly ~ Journeys with Pastoralists, covering the land, lives, and livelihoods of Indian Pastoralists will be organized by Sahjeevan at Mill Owner's Association Building, Ahmedabad from 5th to 8th October. This curated exhibition and accompanying cultural events captures the lives of Indian pastoralists - their remarkable history of mobility, the eco-systems which nurture their life-world, their culture, science, art, spiritual moorings and the economy of herding.  The exhibition unfolds through a blend of music, poetry, art, photo essays, specialty food stores, films, workshops, and live events at from 10:30 am to 8:30 pm. The exhibition will also bring together pastoralists from different parts of the country to speak about their efforts, experiences, feats, and failures.

    The first edition of Living Lightly exhibition was held over 17 days at IGNCA in New Delhi last December and it was well-received by senior cabinet ministers, pastoralists from regions across the country, senior government officials, cultural experts policy makers, universities, schools, media, prominent designers, filmmakers, and citizens of Delhi.

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