Ankit Chadha, a young Dastangoi artiste developed a satirical story around the produce we, as society, receive from pastoralist’s through their resilient life of movement and mobility, and the hostility they receive from us - the settled world - compelling them to abandon herding and sedentarize. Ankit travelled to different pastoral regions in the country, listening to their stories and tales of travel to understand pastoralism, both as a way of living and a production system. His dastan wrapped all these experiences and learnings together; and he performed to packed houses on cold Delhi winter evenings as he unwound his yarn of Kacchap Singh, Khargosh Kumar, and their views on life, home, mobility, and worldly possessions.

Visitors  at Living Lightly exhibitions are regaled with ‘ Dastan-e- Khanabadosh’ (the story of wanderers) - an astounding performance of Dastangoi by Ankit Chadha.

Rooh ki Mehfil

Rooh ki Mehfil is curated by Shabnam Virmani and Vipul Rikhi, a music concert that brings the best of Kutch's folk artisans on one platform, signing the poetry of Shah Abdul Latif in various forms of Kaafi, Bheyts, and Waitlist

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