Reviews & Reportage

The first edition of the Exhibition held at IGNCA, New Delhi received excellent media as well as public reviews. A few of them are noted below:

"Easily one of the best exhibitions I have ever seen. The content is in unbelievable detail, the range of issues covered is extensive and the design and dissemination is done with both flair and intensity. It is truly a labour of love for the pastoralist and her way of life. AN ABSOLUTE MUST-SEE!" - Madhulika Banerjee

"My daughter and I are so glad we grabbed the opportunity to visit the exhibition. Fortunately for us we went through the whole thing with the master herself. It was quite an eye opener. Keep up the good work." - Kiran Sohal

"Thank you so much for putting together this exhibit, I wished it could stay for longer, simply touched. Unforgettable....." Swati Bhartia

"One of the most important exhibitions I've attended till date. Most impressed by the creative ways information about the pastoral lives was on display - the quiz & the films were my favorite." Vishal Singh

“We are extremely grateful that Living Lightly has brought us, pastoralists living in the remotest of lands in India to a common platform, and given us recognition for our traditional profession. We request FES and the other organizations to please work to implement FRA in J&K ”- Bakarwal Pastoralist from Jammu and Kashmir 

“Awesome collection of photographs and hand-woven stuff, completely mesmerizing. Well done and thanks for giving this wonderful experience” – Sangeeta Ram

“Totally loved it, especially the music with beautiful handwork. Please do this more, much more” – Kanika Gupta

“Wow! Thank you for this beautiful experience. Cheers and compliments to all behind the event!” Maneesha Sharma

“Engaging and beautiful” Sushma K Bahl

“Impressive work of art. Should be popularized.  Loved to see the work of artisans” – AL Rawal.

“A visual treat wrapped in authenticity, simplicity” – Sinky Singh

“Wonderful exhibition. A lot to learn from this way of life” – Neelkanth Chhaya

“Stunning – one word to describe the experience. It is not just what is displayed but the entire ambience, colors, lighting, concept of display. The eternal questions about life – who am I answered so beautifully by these simple people whose reverence of the environment which they reside in.. beautiful”- Anjali Shukla

“A great effort, also an eye-opener! City-dwellers need these kind of exhibition more often. Wish this had been more widely publicized. Next time, more engagement for children” Amrtia Jolly.

"From copper bells that are hung on ceilings to embroidered panels that document a herder’s life, the exhibition offers an insight into pastorialism and their crafts. Photographers who have researched and documented their lives are also presenting their work. Scotland-based Christina Noble’s black-and-white photographs are a result of 45 years of her research in Himachal Pradesh. A 1983 photo shows a Gaddi tribal churning lassi in a sheep skin sack at Miyar Nala valley, while another has a flock of goat and sheep crossing Rohtang Pass into Lahaul. Bangalore-based Kalyan Varma unveils his experiences of spending time with the Dhangars in Maharashtra, one of the last migrating communities in the country. He captures a wolf waiting for its prey while the Dhangars cook their dinner. A sequential frame shows the wolf stealing a lamb." - Pallavi Chattopadhyay for Indian Express


"Living Lightly: Journeys With Pastoralists, an exhibition in Delhi, showcases the lightly lived lives of nomads. It focuses primarily but not entirely on the Maldharis, a nomadic tribe of herdsmen from the Banni region of Kutch. Through film, music, poetry, photographs, artefacts, textiles and embroideries, it shows culture, crafts, economic exchanges and rituals. Or, to borrow a term from the exhibition note, the “life-world” of pastoralists."- Shefalee Vasudev for Mint



The Maldharis and Rabaris travel across Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Chhattisgarh and beyond on foot. They move without the privilege of a settled home, owned property, formal education, and often without a government-issued identity card. To the government, they are invisible, nameless, faceless nomads and denotified tribes, who seldom have Aadhar cards, bank accounts or are even counted in the Census.

Living Lightly is an attempt to make them visible, a tribute to their contribution to our everyday lives. They are the reason our cattle possess this specific gene pool, and therefore, the reason why the milk and animal produce we depend upon every day is of the quality it is." - Shriya Mohan for


"Last week I went to one of the best exhibitions of this year "Living Lightly". The organisers showed the music, food, jewellery, clothes, art and living of 15 pastoral communities in India: the sheep nomads from Kashmir and Andhra Pradesh, the camel herders of Gujarat and Rajasthan among them.In that one hour I learnt a great deal about the communities of people and animals that inhabit India....It is generations of these pastoral communities that have kept our heritage animals alive." - Maneka Gandhi for


"Amidst the hectic, hustle bustle of urban living, the life of the pastoralist comes as a welcome relief. The idea of families wandering around in oases of green, men lounging languidly on charpoys covered with colourful rugs, conjures up not just an image of a bygone era but also a peep into a way of life that one had thought had ended. But no, the pastoralist still remains a part and parcel of 21st century life."- Maitri Porecha for DNAIndia


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