Zen Cafe – Pastoral Food

Food is one of the most visible and accessible elements of any culture. Cuisines and food habits are a result of the interplay between dietary requirements and availability of resources. The food plate of the Maldhari consists of simple, wholesome food made on make-shift stoves using coarse cereals, and a plentiful supply of milk and milk-derived products, viz., chaas, ghee, etc. The Fakirani Jats in fact survive only on camel milk when they are away in the mangrove forests with their Kharai camels for several days at a stretch. A food bar accompanies Living Lightly exhibitions that creates food from the best of the produce of pastoral lands and draws from pastoral cuisines. The food bar offers the following:

  • Artisanal cheeses produced from highly nutritious and organic camel and goat milk. Also available are sandwiches made of these cheeses
  • Camel milk ice-cream: Camel milk is, by some claims, the best food on earth! And why not?Its range of therapeutic benefits are well known and with less than 4% fat, it is a great bet for the calorie conscious. 
  • Camel milk based beverages: Shakes and smoothies made of Camel milk and Camel milk whey are not just nutritious, they pack a punch with their full bodied flavor. 
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